Cake Baking

December 31 , 2004

I love celebrating brithdays and had to have proper send offs to the designers that I knew. Plus who can resist Creme Brulee?

Photo of Creme Brulee Photo of checkered strawberry and red velvet cake for Elisa Nader

Photo of Ipod Mini Cake for Jeremy Swanger Photo of Peanut butter nutella cake for Jody Thomas

Photo of Strawberry Cheesecake for Ari Kushimoto Photo of Bowling ball cake for Eric Newman

Photo of Sock Monkey for John McEvoy Photo of Pink Shirt cake for Charlie Schulze

Photo of Volcano Cake for Brit Blakney Photo of Fish Cake for Megan Williams

Photo of Race Car Cake for Stephen Duke Photo of Race Car Cake for Stephen Duke


Constantly, trying to learn new things, and on the way I get to meet some amazing people with my camera by my side. XOXO!

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