Five things you may not know about Cindy

December 28 , 2006

Once upon a time

My friend/mentor/coworker Kevin Lawver tagged me and now I’ve been trying to think of five things that you may not know about me. Now I’m just trying to rush before Jason Garber does his so we don’t tag the same people. Although I don’t know why I’m concerned he doesn’t update that often. :P

Five things you may not know about me

1. I am a klutz, accident prone, lucky ducky. I have been hit by a car on my bicycle. Another time, I was in a car accident, crushed two of my teeth, went through physical therapy and still did the AIDS Ride that I helped raise over $3k for. I do the best I can because I do believe that God kept me around for some reason.

2. I worked a part time job at Spinal Tech (sound and lighting crew), had an internship at JAZZIZ magazine, president of Vox Graphis(design club) and somehow got through the graphic design program on 4 hours of sleep for the last two years at University of Florida. There are parts of college I don’t remember because of the lack of sleep.

3. I was yearbook art editor at Stanton College Preparatory (academic magnet school). Where I got asked once if I was white or black because the NAACP wanted to desegregate Jacksonville’s public school system. There was no choice for other and I didn’t know what to choose but I had too choose. I am pretty pale so I picked white although had I thought about it I should have picked black based on the minority count. Interesting how protecting one minority’s rights violated mine.

4. My grandfather got me drawing because he drew caricatures of me. I wanted to go to art classes after that. I took classes in the art museum during the summers when we could afford it.
Grandpa passed away when I was in 9th grade. I wish he was around to have seen how I turned out. I started entering art contests in high school to test to see if design was what I wanted to do. I stayed up during school nights working on posters using markers (no computers to make letters). I placed in a few of the contests.

5. One of my biggest goals is to make sure I save enough money to take care of my parents since my dad worked 6 days a week to put me through college. They gave up a lot moving us from Taiwan to make sure we had a better life. I consider myself Taiwanese (not Chinese…long story). My grandparents are 93 and I’m wondering how much more I need to save to take care of them. This is not because they asked or anything but because I want to. 

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Alright, I’ll bite. I wrote up my five things for anyone interested.


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