Refresh DC Meetup: January 4th

January 5 , 2007 3 comments

Once upon a time

I attended the Refresh 06 conference in Orlando (Nov 2006) with Jason Garber, Jeremy Carbaugh and Patrick Haney. We met some more of the web crew and one of them was Mr. Dan Rubin. Dan wanted to come out to DC for a visit and I asked if he would be willing to come out to the Refresh DC meeting (we meet once a month) and be our guest speaker since he recently published a book on Pro CSS Techniques with Jeff Croft and Ian Lloyd.

Refresh DC: January:Dan loves geeks!


The Meetup

It was in the Motley Fool office in Alexandria, VA. This was the second meeting we had with food (this time no sponsor so we all chipped in, btw.. if anyone wants to sponsor an event we can be bought for 10mins for your company.) We had the pizza and soda combo. :)

Refresh DC: January meetup: Dan Rubin guest speakerRefresh DC: January meetup: Dan Rubin guest speaker

So Dan Rubin discussed the finer points of background images in a page. Know your audience. He admitted to using hacks because he’s working for himself. Most of the people freelancing need to make money and well.. we do what we have to get a job done even if we are idealists. :) If the book is anything like the presentation its definitely worth a trip to the bookstore or amazon to grab it. No he didn’t pay me anything to say that :P We even recorded it so we could podcast it for those of you that didn’t make it.  Mr. Garber is taking care of it.

We even had giveaways!

Dan had a couple of books to give out and I roped him into signing them for the winners. He pulled out the three of the attendees that had questions and embarassed them a little by making the audience choose the best question. It kept the audience on their toes too ;). Justin Thorp won the book and it so happens that he’s going to be doing the next presentation.

Justin won the popularity contest and the bookRefresh DC: January meetup: Dan Rubin guest speaker

And at the end of the night

We headed over to Stella’s the bar across the street (our usual hangout) after the meetups. So come on out and hang out with your local DC geeks. Special heads up/thanks to Mike Stickel who drove 4.5 hours to attend our meeting (no extra pressure on Dan ;) )

Refresh DC: January meetup: Dan Rubin guest speaker


Fri Jan 5, 2007 at 11.49 pm

Dan Rubin

It was definitely a blast, thanks for inviting me and for playing tour guide (I think shirts should be made just for Cindy Li tour recipients ;)

Also good to see so many people representing in their geeks love * shirts, can’t wait to get everyone dressed up for SXSW in those ;)


Sat Jan 6, 2007 at 01.50 am

Justin Thorp

Cindy, I had a blast too.  When you spend all day with crazy librarians, it’s nice to hang out with some really cool Web geeks. :-D

I look forward to reading the book.  I need to get through John Resig’s Pro JavaScript first. ;)


Mon Jan 8, 2007 at 10.16 pm

Mike Stickel

The drive was worth it to meet and hang out with you guys. Next time I want in on the Wii action and tour though ;^)

Looking forward to meeting you all again and hanging out for longer than a couple hours.

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