Go Go in flight wireless experience

June 17 , 2009 1 comment

Once upon a time

I decided at the last minute to attend the InControl conference in Cincinnati, OH. The cheapest flight I could find was to Dayton, OH it was an hour or so outside of Cincinatti, OH. My friend Christopher said he’d pick me up and I booked the flight on Airtran. The interesting part of the story is that while boarding my flight from San Francisco to Atlanta I noticed this sign on my plane. Airtran’s latest promotion is to have wifi on all of their planes for Summer 2009.

Airtran and Gogo wireless on my plane!

Now what is a geek girl to do when faced with a shiny new toy to play with on a plane for 5 hours? She tries it out that’s what she does! I travel with my 17” Macbook Pro, insane I know but I love it.


Mobile Devices

Go Go supports numerous mobile devices too.


Laptops:The cost was $12.95 for me to use the wifi on my laptop for this flight since it was longer than 3 hours. For flights less than 3 hours it was $9.95. If I flew constantly for 30 days it would be $49.95.
Mobile devices: It was $7.95 on any flight

Video Chatting on an airplane!

I wanted to kick the tires a bit and I tried out the wifi by surfing around until I did video chat with my boyfriend in England while flying somewhere over Texas.

My view:

Airtran Wifi GoGo video (my view)

His view:

The video quality was pretty good. I was surprised. I even tried the speedtest.

Speed test

Speed test while on the flight (Airtran from SFO to ATL)

I tried a music streaming site and it was seamless. The only time I had any problems was using hulu.com on the plane. It didn’t cache properly and it did hiccup a bit. I still find this advancement in technology amazing! I would do it again. Love technology and anyway I can still be connected even from thousands of feet up in the air! W00t! Thanks Go Go for keeping me connected and entertained. Now if only I had a discount next time and everlasting battery power. :)




Mon Aug 10, 2009 at 01.05 pm

Carl Whittaker

I was on an AA flight a couple of weeks back from NY-SF and got a chance to try go go. I wont usually pay for wifi hotspots. But i geeked a little and had to give it a try.

Overall i was pretty impressed too, handled the basics perfectly. Woud be interesting to try some Wifi Mario Kart or maybe fire up Counter Strike.

This would be killer during long haul flights (so long as there is a power outlet on your seat).


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