How to increase water pressure in the shower

September 4 , 2006

Once upon a time…

There was a leak in the basement. The good news was that I had reinforcements to call. I didn’t know how to solder a pipe, the hot water line was leaking in the basement. So Ben came to the rescue, I have no idea how to solder copper piping that the previous owner screwed up (they put some silver pipe that wasn’t copper!). Unfortunately, due to the shutting on and off the water some sediments i.e. crap went through the pipes and the shower water pressure dropped down to a trickle.

I found this site to help fix the problem: Super Handy Man Better Water Pressure For Only Ten Cents
The only problem mine was the shower and I couldn’t put a dime in the aerator since there wasn’t one. So I had to think of another way to backflush the pipe.

How to fix your water pressure if its a shower

The hot water pressure coming in…

Versus the cold water coming in…

  • Turned off the water going into the water heater
  • Removed the tub spout with an alan wrench (at least for my tub spout)

  • The tub spout sitting on the side:

  • So I turned on the nearest sink and drained the hot water out of the pipe
  • Make sure the palm of my hand covered the pipe in the shower
  • Turned the dial to cold and pulled it out so the water could flush inside the pipe. :::WARNING: water will fly everywhere if you don’t cover it properly:::: Note: That is why I don’t have a picture of this (I didn’t want the camera wet)
  • Turn the water off in the shower
  • Turn the dial on the water going into the water heater back
  • Test the water in the shower with hot water back on
  • Turn it off and put the tub spout back on


Mon Sep 4, 2006 at 09.35 pm

Gordon Mackay

You’ve gotta’ love the internet for its ability to help solve problems other than CSS or programming :)


Wed Jan 3, 2007 at 01.58 am

James Hoffnagle

Thanks for article - I just took off the shower head, inserted the dime, screwed it back on and followed the directions for the orginal article. It took about ten minutes total and improved the output of the hot water significantly.

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