Layer Tennis match recap

January 15 , 2008 1 comment

Once upon a time

on Friday, Jan 12th at “high noon” in San Francisco. I competed in Layer Tennis against Veerle Pieter’s at Larry Halff’s ma.gnolia office. I sat there with my iPhone alarm to go off every 15 minutes, Coke Zero, and Heath miniature toffee bars. Veerle won the coin toss to start the match.

The entire experience kept me on my toes and it kept me laughing especially Kevin Guilfoile’s commentary. He definitely has the gift of the written word. Thank you to the Coudal team and Jim for allowing me to participate. :)

Volley 1

Veerle’s sense of humor came via this graphic. Her volley was based on a conversation we had earlier in the week when I mentioned that I’d been watching the television series, Alias. I’ve been traveling a lot on planes but I got addicted to the show because of Matt Harris and watched all five seasons within a couple of months. My dreams have been filled with being a spy. The rest .. is her teasing me :P

Volley 2

My volley was created from things such as my Statue of Liberty photo I took in Nov below. I put it into Adobe Illustrator and used Live Trace.

Statue of Liberty

The rest of the elements were from previous projects I got permission to use. The belt was the Geeky Chix logo that Veerle and I created in 2006. I thought I’d reference “Heroes” too by using the beginning of the following quote from the show “Save the World… Save the cheerleader” and create the text in the comic style font to tell a story. The origami boat was to make it dream like (since dreams are kind of odd like that). :) In all good comics there is an attacker, so that’s why the Evil bunnies are coming in droves. :)

Volley 3

Veerle threw me off with this one. I don’t like gore.

Volley 4

Since this entire series was starting to get a bit dreamlike I decided to change it to floating Geeky Chix into an angel. I recently saw the movie, I Am Legend starring Will Smith, in the movie a butterfly showed up when the character was dying.

Volley 5

Veerle went psychedelic here.

Volley 6

I went the Matrix route here. The red pill in the Matrix is what Neo took. The red pill is to help you find truth. Truth + “It will not save you..” = truth hurts

Volley 7

Veerle’s image made me think it was going the dream sequence.

Volley 8

I stayed on my comic idea and created a separate universe pane. I used her dog with glasses wearing the scarf and added a pair of skis behind him. Since the other story line with me in it ended I decided to use the halfway around the world to tie it into the overall strange dream sequence we created. When the “dog” is on vacation it gets ruined by attacking rabbits.

Volley 9

Veerle cracked me up on this one with the dog and the computer screen old school restart error message.

Volley 10

My last volley was zooming out of her frame and for comic bonus adding in her video chat window (which I did a screenshot during my last 15 minutes) to incorporate her as she did with me in the first pane. I incorporated the rainbow stripe pattern she created in the first image and enlarged it for a colorful wallpaper.
I thought the desk with flowers, and all the little touches would be a good addition.

After it ended (and boy did it fly by fast) I went and got a celebratory cream puff from Bearded Papa’s. What a way to end a Friday. :) :::hugs:: It was great!




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Congrats Cindy! You did a great job.  I really like Volley 6.


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