Microformats Dinner

September 7 , 2008 commenting disabled

Once upon a time

Dan Cederholm created a logo for microformats. Then another man named Tantek Çelik evangelized about microformats and started hosting dinners about around it. I sat there thinking about the logo and how it would fit perfectly on a plate. (It sort of looks like an abstract salad ;) ).

microformats dinner logo

Tantek thought it was funny and most importantly thankfully Dan likes it too :)

Upcoming dinners

Tantek’s hosting a dinner in London this coming tuesday.

Keep an eye out for this tag on upcoming:

Maybe a microformats dinner is coming to a venue near you! ;)

If you need the artwork

75x75 (square)


Constantly, trying to learn new things, and on the way I get to meet some amazing people with my camera by my side. XOXO!

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