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February 19 , 2008

Once upon a time…

I joined the guys at Nclud and one of their clients is Mixx. Mixx is
Mixx is a website that creates web content based on your choices and you “mixx it up.”

Alex Giron, created the Mixx logo. It’s really fun because its an aerial view of a spoon stirring the bowl.

mixx logo

My job was to create badges for the website.


The project requirements

The direction I received for this project was to create badges and I could come up with tag lines for it, so I did. :) The two tag lines for these designs were “mixx it up”, “add to the mixx.” The name of the website lend itself to having a fun tag line. I wanted to create badges that could be used on as many websites as possible. I wanted to create a few fun ones for those that would go on personal blogs in addition to commercial websites.

The badges and why I did what I did

For the first one I used the logo as designed by Alex and put it in a one pixel stroke button. I wanted to stay in within the simple style of the website.

mixx logo with only the spoon and the abstracted mixing bowl

The next one was created by taking the logo apart removing the bowl and adding in the simple one pixel stroke button from the one above.

mixx logo sitting inside a red one pixel stroke button

This one I drew a spoon in the same style, and palette from the original logo since one didn’t exist.

mixx logo with only the spoon and the abstracted mixing bowl

I wanted to continue playing off of the logo and the bowl so I created another view of the stirring. Plus put a talk bubble so the mixing bowl was speaking (Yes, mixing bowls do speak or rather their content does. ;) )

created a gray bowl based on another view of Mixx logo

I went back to the aerial view of the logo and added a table runner if you were to see a bowl on the table. I abstracted it a bit so it looked like a ribbon.

created spoon based on mixx logo and placed inside red one pixel stroke button

The changes for this one is the text and the change in the ribbon.

created a gray bowl based on another view of Mixx logo

I wanted to give some motion for a couple of them so I used the existing logo and tied on a cloth that you would use in the kitchen since it was already using the cooking concept it wasn’t a big stretch.

mixx logo with a runner attached

The last one I did was to use the spoon I made earlier and combine it with the cloth

spoon and cloth attached to it

I submitted the designs and what do you know. They used all of them. :)
Check them out Mixx badges for public use. :)




Tue Feb 19, 2008 at 03.32 am

Jason Garber

Excellent work as always, Cindy! Everyone at the Mixx office loves the badges, and we’ve gotten good feedback from our users, too!


Tue Feb 19, 2008 at 08.29 am

Neil Ford

These are all awesome!

- Neil.


Tue Feb 19, 2008 at 08.22 pm

Charles Adler

Cindy, I just found out your in the Bay Area. Welcome. And nice work on the Mixx badges!


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