My visit to the Pentagon

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Once upon a time…

Matt and I were in Washington DC area to attend to my townhouse. I signed us up for a White House tour (a couple of months in advance on a very early sunday morning via our State Senator Pelosi and our friend John Croston III saw our tweets about it. He invited us to visit the Pentagon. We had a great time walking around on the morning of August 22. It was strange seeing the walls that had been mended post 9-11. It was the 10th anniversary this year. John was a great tour guide but he had one request, his boss asked if Matt and I could be introduced to the Social Media team. 

Social Media team for

We met Major Juanita Chang, the Director of the Online and Social Media division office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Dale Sweetnam, SSG, and the rest of her team. Major Chang made me laugh when she asked me to write down the list of things she was concerned with by handing me a notebook with the U.S. Army on it. I told her if we can’t support our troops fighting for our freedom who should we support? ;) We had some interesting conversations and tried to help her team use Twitter (where Matt works) and Flickr (where I am working).

Here’s the Army notebook she handed me for my notes. :D

Pentagon visit: Army notebook

The Pentagon visit: Social media team they use flickr! :)

The U.S. Army on Flickr and Yahoo! Mail

The Army has an account on flickr and it’s quite active. SSG Sweetnam is in charge of that. I worked on the Yahoo! Mail project previously and thought it would be great with their permission of course to create a few Yahoo! Mail themes to promote our troops.’s Flickr photostream

I searched through the photostream and had a few to retouch because of the background would repeat. I tried to find photos that would represent the best of our Army troops and would also work in a horizontal crop.

These are the original photos:

This photo is a photo of troops running in the morning. I loved the color and light.

Sunrise run

The photo is of the Airborne division boarding for a jump.

Morning boarding

The photo contain two helicopters in the sky. It was a bit tricky because when it’s cropped the helicopter on the left looked like it had blown something else so I used the right helicopter.

Sunset flight


Here’s the three that I created

Yahoo! Mail theme: Runners: picker

Yahoo! Mail theme: Airborne: picker

Yahoo! Mail Helicopter: picker

How to get your very own theme!

Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account and go to the Yahoo! Mail themes page.

Hope you like them!

The Pentagon visit


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