Facebook is breaking my heart

November 23 , 2009 4 comments

Once upon a time

I logged into my Facebook account this evening. I do my usual update status but on the right rail of the page is this message under the heading “Suggestions: Philip Kim, You haven’t talked on Facebook lately.” Now like most people I get a bit busy in my day to day life and yes I forget to speak to friends but this one is one that breaks my heart. My friend passed away earlier this year from cancer, his birthday is coming up in about a week and I still haven’t been able to remove him from my IM list because it makes me feel like he’s there still. Silly to most probably but I’m a bit of a soft center (ok maybe more than a soft center). So why does Facebook’s suggestions feature have to be such a nag?

Facebook, please remove this feature or give me an easy way to take this out completely. It’s one thing for you to surface me ads so you can make money. It is another to torture me about relationships I haven’t actively participated in. Stop making me sad and quit guilting me into talking to friends. I hate your suggestions feature. Relationships are complicated and no one likes forced conversation even if the idea was to get people to talk to each other because we are too busy. Stop it. Please dear God take that feature down.

What to do if your friend or family is deceased in Facebook

I got this tip from my friend, Michael via twitter
You can submit their FB page to be memorialized by completing the Facebook form.

Facebook please stop reminding us. Sometimes we want a little memory loss to dull the pain of loosing someone. Let us grieve in our own way.

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