Font Embedding and Licensing

May 13 , 2009 11 comments

Once upon a time…

I decided to redesign my portfolio site. Matt and I discussed the benefits of using SIFR vs having .jpgs for my sub headers. As the sub headers are likely to change, using .jpgs wasn’t the best option. So we started looking into SIFR and Cufón. I would love to use the fonts that print designers and large corporations can afford but most of my clients these days are watching their budgets and so am I.Dare I say fiscially responsible designer? ;) Anyway.. I started researching the cost of what it would be for me to use the beautiful font I found. This isn’t a new problem, Hello 2007, cue Richard Rutter’s blog post on WebKit now supports CSS @font-face rules.

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My playground

illustration of Geeks Love * tshirt Utopia illustration of Swanger Mural

Lifetime Todo List

  • Any suggestions: Email me:)
  • Go on a vacation that isn't related to a geek event (shhhhh)
  • Finish my children's book
  • Buy a house
  • Take the time and enjoy my life

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Design Rabbit

design Rabbit

Some fun illustrations and projects I've worked on.


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