Go Go in flight wireless experience

June 17 , 2009 1 comment

Once upon a time

I decided at the last minute to attend the InControl conference in Cincinnati, OH. The cheapest flight I could find was to Dayton, OH it was an hour or so outside of Cincinatti, OH. My friend Christopher said he’d pick me up and I booked the flight on Airtran. The interesting part of the story is that while boarding my flight from San Francisco to Atlanta I noticed this sign on my plane. Airtran’s latest promotion is to have wifi on all of their planes for Summer 2009.

Airtran and Gogo wireless on my plane!

Now what is a geek girl to do when faced with a shiny new toy to play with on a plane for 5 hours? She tries it out that’s what she does! I travel with my 17” Macbook Pro, insane I know but I love it.


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