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September 29 , 2009

Once upon a time

I got an informed that got a cease and desist order from Magnolia CMS. These are two separate companies, yes both in the tech world but different goals and products.

Big time lawyers are sending letters. Disappointing yes. Both are community based products. Ma.gnolia has the twitter handle @magnolia. Magnolia CMS has @magnolia_cms. Is it over this? Who knows? Is it because they’ve expanded their product to the USA?

Magnolia CMS is an open source product. We all need one another and I find it disappointing that they are sending big time lawyers to shut down Larry Halff’s project. Has it come down to this? :( 

In my attempt to help I’ve written a comment to the Magnolia CMS website.

Want to help? Write them

If you want to help here’s contact Magnolia CMS website and fill out the form.

Here’s my letter to Magnolia’s CMS website:
I think it is disappointing that a company that is “open source” and depends on a community for support sending a cease and desist order to a social bookmarking website that is for the community.
There are other start ups that co-exist without harming one another’s business.
Please rethink your stand on this.
Thank you.

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