Lifetime to do list...

I started this list when my friend Jody and I went to NY for flash forward. We tried to get tickets for a show and we got on the Carson Daly show.


  • Redesign my personal site



Experiences :Done >


  • Learn Chinese to carry on a real conversation
  • Letterpress: take a letterpress class (san francisco class)
  • Take a class with Eric Fenn : Hip Hop/Lindy Hop
  • Break Dance
  • Build Car Kit Cobra : Order parts
  • Learn Martial arts
  • Milk a cow
  • Learn how to unicycle
  • Bowling 300 : Perfect score, I've gotten a 222 (Oct 2003) and a 212 (Oct 2004)
  • Throw pizza dough in the air
  • Find Peace : :D
  • Save for retirement and to help take care of my parents : won't be done for a long time
  • Pastry Decorating
  • Sign language
  • Manual Driving : Not forget how to do it
  • Guitar : Half a check.. I started it but.. again time :)
  • Belly dancing
  • Spanish : It's practical.. now just time

Learn :Done >


Constantly, trying to learn new things, and on the way I get to meet some amazing people with my camera by my side. XOXO!

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