Lifetime to do list...

I started this list when my friend Jody and I went to NY for flash forward. We tried to get tickets for a show and we got on the Carson Daly show.

Lifetime To Do List: Main List

Learn: Done

  • Furniture refinishing class : refinished my coffee table and an end table
  • Leave : learned it was better to leave than to stick it out
  • Sew : Made a Queen Amidala costume(Thanks Jonatha), belly dancing outfit, renaissance costume
  • Glass blowing class : (I made a shot glass, and a little vase)
  • Tivo Hard Drive Replacement : Install the extra hard drive into my Tivo
  • Walk on a book on my head : So why do I still slouch?
  • English : (not my first language)
  • Sink Installation : Install 3 sinks in the house and parents house (it was a christmas present) (Dec 18-26, 2004)
  • Whistle LOUD : two fingers like hailing a taxi loud
  • Swing Dance : Started in 1998, doubt I will ever be truly done...DCLX '05" Swing Steal (Warning: Video) USNDC: 1st place
  • Been a best man/person, co-maid of honor, bridesmaid : (twice), sadly no groomsman, or flower girl.
  • Embrace my inner geek : (It's a compliment in my book)
  • Snorkel : (or rather dip my head and float in hanauma bay, Hawaii)
  • Bake a yummy cakes : ok or just make stuff to add to the hips..evil I tell you ;) just ask my coworkers Cake Photos
  • Change a tire : No sense in waiting for AAA if you can do it yourself
  • Taking apart a blue crab Crab Video (Warning: Video)
  • Change out the tail light bulb on my Beetle (April 2006) more
  • CSS there is always more to do


Constantly, trying to learn new things, and on the way I get to meet some amazing people with my camera by my side. XOXO!

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